Thursday, November 7, 2013


Yet another idle week here. I don't have much to add in this blog for this week. My photography projects and linguistic endeavors are all on stand-by. This week I've been doing some eyes check-up examinations and consequently, I didn't have much time to work with my camera or think of something to do with my camera (just a little). After applying the eye-drops before the examination, it hinders my vision. Thus, most of the day for me would be to relax, and sleep.
Initially, the primary check-up doesn't give a good indication of a good health. There is a chance for Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is a hereditary condition that runs in the family. My eldest brother, and one of my older sisters are already suffering from this condition, and it leaves them helpless, specially with no ability to drive the car. With the responsibilities on my shoulders in this house and taking care of Mom, such news leaves me hanging in the mid-air in between moods fluctuations, in a time that I'm already suffering from those swings (and that's why I didn't post last week).
All what I want to do for the time being is play games, games and more games, trying to vent the bad thoughts out as much as possible...

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