Thursday, September 25, 2014

Goodbye Kuwait, Fáilte go hÉireann...

Well, this is my last blog post before traveling by next Monday, in the early hours of it. As I'm typing this I'm just checking the latest arrangements specially that I'm planning to take my camera bag with me on aircraft (usually I stash it within luggage itself), and I'm not quite satisfied about it despite assurances from some people who said they did take their cameras too and it's all fine - but I doubt they had a camera plus more than 6 lenses and filters too! I've been calling the airlines offices for inquiry but to no avail. Seems I have to do it anyway and wish for the best with hassle as less as possible.

The plan for now is to settle in Dublin for one day to rest, then moving next day to Galway by train and rest for one day there too, then next day I'm supposed to head to Oughterard where I'm going to stay for 14 days. Meanwhile, I will try to post something in this blog as much as I can, but since I'm planning for long walks in the countryside with heavy equipments I might be so exhausted to the point that my fingers won't work at all on the keyboard! Well, we'll see about that in time.

Goodbye Kuwait, Fáilte go hÉireann...

Through Negatives

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