Thursday, October 2, 2014

In The Waterfront...

Well, here I am writing this after 4 days in Ireland. I've spent one day in Dublin and one day in Galway, and now this is my second day in Oughterard, to the north-west of Galway city, in the Waterfront B&B - which happens to be my first destination in Ireland back in 2009.
I'm getting really busy here, with napping. I do wish if I can have a nap between every 2 naps actually! But well, I'm greasing my engine with walks right now AND planning for some night photography when possible; in this part of the countryside, it is really dark and the only light source available around is one or two halogen lights hung up high. So, it might be a bit dangerous to step away further from the house, thus I'm trying to make a mental map for the place just to walk at night. Walking with my gear is a hurdle as usual, specially with no hook in the tripod to hang my stuff when needed, but hopefully won't be a big problem. My biggest problem now is walking with a tripod head and a tripod while wearing a backpack.
Anyway as I did previously in 2012 in NYC, I've started checking some photos with some simple processing and displaying in black and white only and keeping the colors to be processed later back home (specially that I've forgot to calibrate the monitor of my laptop!).

Galway Sky

In Dublin there wasn't much to do actually, specially that I'm not in friendly terms with cities. Galway, on the other hand, is a city (considerably) but, it has its own town-like spirit. Some shots were taken also around The Waterfront B&B, and even a panorama (which I'm going to test to see the amount of exposure and stitching errors). Many other panoramas are waiting for me indoors and outdoors but I'm not going to put all the eggs in one basket of a week!

My first infrared and long exposure shot from the front of The Waterfront B&B

and of course, let's not forget the joys of fisheye lenses (specifically, my Rokinon 8mm lens). The bad part here: I can't use my gel filters with it here because of the wind that is going on almost daily and I do need some space to fit such gel filters on the back - same thing goes with my other Canon 15mm fisheye lens.

Rokinon 8mm fisheye, f/9, 8-1sec, ISO200

Probably Seeking is one that I do like as it is, in black and white, but I have to wait till I get back home and compare the colored version with it (specially that it's part of a bracketed sequence taken for HDR merging later). I think it is dramatic as it is and good enough.
Beside all these activities, I'm trying to take some short videos because, just because, I have some sensitivity to sounds in here; nature sounds that I usually don't get the chance to enjoy in Kuwait!

Not sure yet what to do tomorrow, but I'm going to let my mood swing on this for a while, but most probably it would be just a walk in the forest nearby (not heading to Aughnanure castle yet). Gotta post this now and prepare for my little night outgoing!

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