Friday, October 3, 2014

The Path…

Well, I had my long walk today, which was about 4 hours. I didn't head downtown though, but I was walking slowly and with my own pace. I was really trying to calm down and push myself to adopt a calmer attitude. Unfortunately, this time I didn't find any snails around like 5 years ago! Maybe later though! However, it was a walk of thoughts - what I really like, what I don't, life, arts, and strangely this question occurred to me back then: what do I love most? straight lines or curvy lines? Strangely as well, I couldn't answer that to myself!

The Path
CanonEF 50mm (infrared filter), f/11,
6min, ISO100.
I had the chance to some infrared photography on the way. I think green cover is usually a good target for infrared photography. Of course, because my camera is not converted to do "easy" infrared shots, each exposure of those took minutes. To make matters worse, the sun wasn't shining today, which means less light and even longer exposure. Anyway, it was sort of good to sit down and wait - the bad news here is no chair to sit! Anyway, the difference between the two infrared filters (threaded B+W and Kodak's gel) was apparent in these shots. I can't deny that I do really like the effect of the gel over the B+W disk (or threaded) filter. But oh well, each has its own lens to go with and I can't force my way on that!

Forest on The Side
Canon EF 15mm fisheye, f/8, 21min, ISO100.

Left to say that The Path had the Red and Blue channels swapped, while Forest on The Side had them not. I can't do much with infrared shots with this laptop so far because the "profile" for adjusting them is stored in my PC back home.
On the way back to The Waterfront, I picked up a spot that I thought it was good for a panorama; but I still have to test this panorama (and the one before) to see how proper my exposure was - specially this one done today (with one line of the battery life left!), because I've been using the Manual mode completely instead of the Av (aperture priority) mode, as I usually do. The sky was indeed white, but with some HDR I'm supposed to get some details out of it.

This was the end of my day here, and thinking of tomorrow - which probably would be spent here around the Waterfront - something I usually do when I travel, day in and day out and so on. This day I might be spending taking or studying panoramas indoors. On the other hand, I might run another trial for some night time photography; those done yesterday weren't good enough. It seems that I "do" have to stay away a bit from the house to avoid the halogen light. I had a really hard time to cover up my shadow, and at the end, the exposure was a bit over without possibility of gaining back details, and the sky was clear without trails (and I had to stand for 20 minutes trying to provide some shadow for the lens to avoid flare). Lot of planning to do ahead but the thing is, I'm not sure I would be able to work on it right...

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