Saturday, October 4, 2014

To Keogh's We Go!

Well, it just happened today and I broke the rule of not having 2 successive days of long walks! Well, I had some long (and kind of painful) sleep last night. I'm not sure why is that, and I'm not sure if hangover feels like that, but I do think this is like it is a hangover. I was so tired yesterday that I couldn't even force myself to do long exposure at night as I was planning. Hopefully I'll be doing this today despite the long walk I had.
My long walk today was somewhat a challenge; Me challenging myself that is. I decided to hang around with only 2 lenses: 50mm and 8mm (fisheye) - no other lenses, no filters and no tripod. This made me a bit light to walk, and seems this active mind pushed me further and decided to visit the gift shop. I really take these things as a burden on my back. I got some gifts and I feel relieved - and it is the same shop I've been to 5 years ago (umm probably the only in Oughterard dedicated to gifts?): John Keogh's shop.

Keogh's gift shop from outside

Of course, there had been some short period of stops of shooting here and there but I won't be posting everything here of course. This walk might be repeated later though for one reason or another - but we'll see about that later!
On my way back and just when I thought there is not much interesting stuff to snap on the way (and it is a dangerous path to walk by the way in some portions at least), I've just realized what my 8mm fisheye lens can do with this tree (pine I think) which I passed often...

Crann Ard

In fact in that specific position and after this specific shot, Crann Ard, my thought has been wandering around the idea of doing a panorama specifically there in that position, specially with a sky like this. It  was cloudy day by the morning by the way but things went better later and it made a strange mix between a cloudy weather and sunny one!

View from my window after getting back home

Well, I have to admit now that my legs truly hurt and I can hardly walk further, but I will try to go out tonight and see if I can do a long exposure further away from that halogen light post. But let's pray the clouds cover is good enough to show something in the sky, and my LED light is powerful enough to walk a little bit far somewhere near the lake - no worries about its depth but I'm worried about its slippery mud. As for tomorrow, I think I will officially be working around the house here as there is no way for me to walk further!
Well, now to post this and enjoy my coffee a bit and stretch my leg. It's a vacation after all!

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