Sunday, October 5, 2014


It is a rainy day, and what you do in a rainy day? Of course! You go out and do a panorama! Not only that, but doing an infrared panorama too! Anyway before I move to the panorama part, let's see what I did last night.

It was slippery and apparently my brother's "non-sensical" advice to travel with boots suddenly sounded very, very, very reasonable. My shoes keep leaking water so, you can imagine the rest! I had to spend the rest of the night with cold and dump feet. The result were "kind of" promising though.

Oíche sa Uachtar Ard

The thing is, I've been doing long exposure at ISO 800. Yes, ISO 800, and done in bracketing form, like taking several shots ranging from around 20 minutes and down to 8 seconds. The shots were mainly taken with 8mm fisheye but then I changed to my 15mm fisheye lens just to test things. The shot above, Oíche sa Uachtar Ard, was taken with highest ISO available (12800), which was kind of a trial to measure the exposure needed at low ISO, but I've found it quite interesting! The only problem here is, it is at high ISO. It is good as long as you keep it small to avoid making the noise pop out in your eyes! Now as I'm typing this, I'm waiting for the darkness to settle in and maybe go out again and try tonight for some exposures from some different location if possible. It is windy today and rainy, so let's hope no bad surprises pop out!

As for the panoramas done today, well, my PTGUI is not working properly on this laptop thus I don't have the proper tool to sketch even for a test to see how it is going. Photoshop is not a proper tool for panoramas for its lack of options (the process is completely automated), and also, this laptop is not good enough for the memory it is using to stitch. I was hoping to post a test of the infrared panorama done today but seems it's not possible for now. It all has to wait till I get back to Kuwait.
Locations included in the "roll" today were: the front, the parking lot, the lounge, the corridor and the dining (breakfast) room. Probably tomorrow, if I have enough power to carry those stuff, the Aughnanure castle would be my next target.

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