Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Achadh na nIúr...

Well, I didn't post anything yesterday mainly because of the "surprising" weather that struck me on my head yesterday. My plan in the beginning was to head to the downtown and buy some stuff, but then seeing how the weather was nice in the morning I thought maybe I should stretch some muscles and head to the castle. However, half way to there, the rain started to hammer. I continued to walk as I was hoping the shower would stop, but it increased further and it came to me that I won't be able to change lenses that way! Thus, I had to head back home with a shower look! Once I reached home, the shower stopped - talk about Irish sense of humor; weather-wise.
Anyway, after coming back home I did order a cab and headed to downtown to get some food. However, I came back and noticing how the day was beautiful AFTER the rain, I decided to head out near the lake and do some shots and wait there till it's dark and do some long exposures. Before the darkness I did a little macro shots with my 50mm and 30mm tube.

I will try to work with those long exposures later when I get back home. Unfortunately, the long exposures done yesterday were not much dynamic because of the slow wind; but the weather has surely gotten colder than before!

Now, as for today, I headed as planned to the Aughnanure castle and not much has changed since then, but this time I'm in with a proper gear for panoramas. Because of the technical issues I'm having here, I won't be able to work on these panoramas of course. In total, there were 3 panoramas done: 2 interior and one exterior. Among those, a panorama was taken from the topmost floor in the tower of Aughnanure castle which, in fact, is the most interesting one for me because of the wooden roof structure. Back in 2009 I did take an awkward partial panorama for this "room" but of course without the tools I do have right now - which made it kind of useless and I don't remember stitching this panorama at all back then. Now, the chance is better. I did even take a shot for the roof (and the small balcony) with my Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens, but unfortunately I couldn't center it exactly - specially with this showcase in the middle of the room (which is sad really because it corrupts the view completely!).

There was also some work on single shots here and there, exterior and interior, and even some infrared shots. On the way back home there were some extra infrared shots (during which the rain hammered heavy for a while!). But I will keep all that for later. Now, going down from the tower was such a big deal and an exhausting "workout" - and I do think I do have claustrophobia now! Well, if I don't have it already.

The plan now, as it seems, is left for activities out of Oughterard, which means as well lot of money for the cab drivers (not good with buses). Beside that, I might get the chance to visit the Kylemore Abbey (which seems it is even further away from Cong town to the north of Oughterard, in Co. Mayo). Also, I wanna check with my host for a chance to visit Inchagoil island again - and by the way, the rooms in the Waterfront B&B are named after islands, and my room right now is the IInchagoil room!

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