Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Finally it's here. The Kylemore Abbey! I didn't go to this place 5 years ago when I was here so I'm finally there. The road length is probably same as that one to Cong. Well, let's not talk about the expenses.
Before hopping into the car I prepared my gear, and specifically, kept my camera with the old 18-55mm lens around my neck, while the rest of the gear in the backseat. I knew already that I will encounter some nice scenery on this long way - and it was no disappointment.

One of the hills of Connemara taken from the cab.

of course shots taken from the cab aren't as good as stable shots on ground, but I would lose more time if I ask the cab driver to stop now and then. And despite my hate for the old 18-55mm, but it is the perfect lens so far that I have for this mission; shooting on the move. On the way to Kylemore Abbey, we passed through different towns and villages, and one of those was Recess (yeah, it is called "Recess"). This town has a statue of Conn of the Sea (or Conn son of the Sea), namely in Irish that would be Conn na Mara, and hence the region's name is Connemara. I'm not sure what's the legend behind Conn, but I should check it out some time later.

Conn na Mara
raised on 1999.

Now, on location. First I took simple shots for a statue of Jesus, but then headed to the big bite: the abbey. There and in front of the door, I went on working on a complete spherical panorama. Despite the sunny weather, I'm expecting lot of problems with this panorama already because of the moving shadows and the moving people - wish if there is a way to control people just like that! Anyway, we will see to that later on when I reach home hopefully. After finishing the panorama, I did a little "experiment" with my infrared gel filter and 15mm fisheye lens, which yielded and exposure of 9 minutes.

Kylemore Abbey

Unfortunately, I didn't head inside the abbey because of the "population" jam apparently. I wouldn't be able to walk around easily among people and taking photos with a backpack and carrying other stuff with me while the camera is hanging around my neck as well. So, I had to call it off and I shot some details from the outside of the abbey.

Statue decorating the top of the gate of the abbey.

For such details I had to use my Sigma 70-300mm and with a teleconverter at some point. Anyway, I continued my walk on the trail after the abbey and reached a simple decorative waterfall and did some tiny long exposure there (in fact holding the the shutter button with my finger instead of using the remote cable here). I didn't process this image yet but anyway because of the stack of ND filters, it became reddish and some WB fixes needed. I'll keep that for home as well. At the end of the way, another panorama was conducted in front of the Gothic Church, and some shots for some details there as well. The trail was going on further but at this point, I had to return (specially with my bladder getting full!).

Now I'm not sure what's the plan for tomorrow, but after tomorrow is supposedly the day for Cong. It is a long road as well. Probably I'll just have a long walk to the downtown again, to use the ATM machine! Anyway, time to post this and have some rest. My legs still aching after the long walks!

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