Thursday, May 28, 2015


Well, it's finally here! The expo of the Monodrama Festival. Which means I can finally share my pics on the so-called "social" media; and here of course.
However, before proceeding to the slideshow, I have to mention the winners of this contest. The committee only provided 2 places for winners, and by luck, both of them are members in the same group I work with (we worked together in fact).

Ibrahim Al-Erady with his shot of the Kuwaiti actress Ahlam Hasan.
First place.
Jassim Al-Saffaar with his winning shot of the renowned Iraqi actor Sami AbdulHameed, PhD.
Second place.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, not all photos from the contestants were printed as we, or I, thought. Thus, one of my most favorite images was not printed and displayed. This shot is from the stage with the first performance (in the opening ceremony), for the renowned Kuwaiti actor AbdulAziz AlHaddaad. The title of the play was The Story of Yesterday [قصة الأمس], which is in fact the title of a famous poem written by the late Egyptian poet Ahmad Fat'hy [أحمد فتحي] (whose role was played by AlHaddaad) and sung by the renowned Egyptian singer Um-Kalthoom [أم كلثوم]. In this scene specifically, the apogee of emotions was at its max, with the poet holding a portrait of his daughter whom he didn't see in years after his separation from his English wife and coming back to Egypt. He was building his dreams on the future and on this scene specifically, Haddaad was portraying how the poet would have been playing with his daughter and singing for her… something that never happened, for his ill luck. I called this shot Tomorrow, as a reflection on the hopes that were built upon an unknown dark future…
Anyway, I've made a short video here with all my shots for the contest. There are other shots of course and processing them is still ongoing. However, the ones in this slideshow, are the only ones that I've included for the contest. Hope you enjoy the show!

Music: By Grace.
By: Podington Bear

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