Thursday, June 18, 2015

Geltani Galore…

Well, this is a quick wrap, since I didn't post anything last week (and in fact I was not going to this week as well!).
Life is going slowly in this heat. Man, I wish I can sleep and wake up and it is winter again. Not much action with my camera lately but I do have some plans that are on my waiting list. Been trying to do some clumsy DIY stuff with a Kleenex box (yes, tissue paper box) and make it as a light modifier for my flashgun (Canon 580EXII), but it was a failure so far. Never mind anyway, it was not a big deal but something to get active a bit. I have other plans in my head now.

The poor box.
Let's not go about how I made it. Should be obvious.

Ramadhan is here already, so blessed and happy Ramadhan. I can't deny my fear about it though; there shall be a lot of exhaustion more than it is there already, specially with students in college (where I work) are still on their summer classes. It surely means traffic jams galore, and with Mom's dialysis schedule, the situation is not pleasant at all this year. I don't think I would have much time for my own projects till the month passes.

Meanwhile anyway I've been keeping myself a bit busy with my Geltani project and I'm already starting to write a brief about it in order to send to Omniglot. I've sent an example already to the author just to see how it looks (because the look of the script is important if it is to be added to the website). In addition, I'm still fine-tuning some aspects about Geltani, and changing some previous rules.

Transliteration: jewno uwibañwoš', wá núc zing reñy'ču vá zing ča-xungči
Meaning: men are like bagpipes, no sound they give until they are filled.

No need to go on and explain the transliteration and the sounds of these characters. I'll keep it for another time hopefully. As I was rummaging back through my notes about Geltani, I've decided to re-adjust the Genitive case and make it closer in concept to Japanese. I had to look into this matter specifically because I'm planning to name Geltani in its own speakers' tongue as "people of rock." Modeling that on the Japanese (の) [no], the order should be then as "rock-of people." The character which will act as the  Japanese (の) [no] will sound as /xə/ (with IPA "x" sound as Scottish or German "ch").
Genitive character
There are other things to refine as well, like the syllabary system that comes with Geltani (something close to Katakana in Japanese). However, I'm trying to keep the language agglutinating (like Turkish) as much as possible. Geltani is not supposed to be a tonal language like Chinese, but it seems I would have to refine the values for some syllabic combinations further in order to make them distinguishable in sound. If that does not work as such, I would probably have to go ahead and hit the tonal approach just a bit.


Now with Ramadhan being here already, I do have a list of goals, but of course without a specific time table to do them. I'm thinking of seriously stopping the blog during this time until the month is over. But I'm not sure about this decision yet. Some of these goals include:
  1. Doing a B&W panorama out of JPG images instead of RAW (as a challenge).
  2. Doing an Infrared panorama from a bridge (previously done in a normal mode).
  3. Doing more doodles and sketches and convert them to vectors. A project I stopped long time ago was to make a set of sketches about a specific theme and convert them all to vectors and upload them to stocks.
  4. Maybe infrared portrait with high flash pulses.
  5. Staying alive.

Where I want to do an infrared panorama.

I've been busy with the group and specifically with some aspects of the website (raising it up after being down), beside working on getting an international recognition for our group (or club so to say). All that kept me a bit busy as well and away from thinking about my camera. But hopefully I'm coming back to this soon.
The past few weeks had been full of headaches and sleeping problems (though I've always had them but the rate was higher this time). Now, wishing I did indeed sign for a leave for Ramadhan already…

Blessed Ramadhan folks…

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