Friday, September 4, 2009


Despite the fact that I was tired and stayed awake for more than 12 hours, yet I couldn't sleep more than 4 hours. I had the urge to go on photoshooting just one hour before the sunrise. I didn't have any plan of what to snap, so I just went on into the streets hoping to find something, and then voila! I did find it.
It was a sloping down road, surrounded by trees (people who know the place, it is the branching road from 5th ring road into the Maghrib Highway). After taking shots, aiming at some panoramic view, I was surprised by a police patrol who stopped by to ask me about what I was doing. I was questioned just because I was standing in a straight line with some building called the "control tower" which has some controls for electricity and water I think. He said that I would be considered like a terrorist who is getting some information (well he said that indirectly). Anyway, I was lucky that I got the photos I wanted for a panorama shot before his arrival. Now after looking at the pictures and processing them I found out that I made a mistake that I didn't shoot with high shutter speed instead. There were few cars passing by, but the main blur was from the moving trees because of the somewhat tough wind that was there. The funny thing is, while shooting, some cars passed by and the shutter was still closed, and that created some funny noise in the images but it doesn't bother me at all. I called it the "Laser-beams effect." You see only red lines in the middle with no car showing! Hopefully I would post some of this here later when I settle on some good shot.
After moving from that place, after being annoyed with that cop, I decided to go to the seashore, but not my usual spot, but to some mall. The Marina Mall Crescent. There is a marina (sea port) with yachts there, so I tried my luck to shoot there as well and made it for a panoramic sequence. I need to do a lot with those files, specilaly that they are in RAW (CR2) format and not in JPG, which makes it even sensitive somehow and not directly to be dealt with as JPG files. They say RAW files are better for HDR composition.
That's all with my life for the time being after a dull and tiresome week, and a boring weekend as usual! Ta da!

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