Saturday, September 5, 2009


An adventure, but not with cops this time, but with my own PC. As I worked out the images that I snapped for the yachts in the marina, I combined 10 HDR images and saved them as TIFF under 32-bit. Looking back at the sizes of the images I made, each one was around 383MB! So, just imagine the process to make those as single panoramic shot. I ran the panoramic tool for the 10 images and went to bed, and I don't know how long did it take to make the full image. The full image was almost 2 meters wide, but I had to crop it a bit from the right to remove unwanted color of the sky, which after turning into 16-bit became yellowish while the main hue was blue. The final image was a 8-bit JPG that was 160cm wide and around 30 cm tall (click thumbnail):
Yachts Panorama

Before The Storm

The second image is a separate snap for the same location.
Finally, here comes the picture that almost got my neck:

Trees on Highway

Many pictures from that location were taken before the arrival of the cop, but I guess this is the best I could get. The top of the trees is blurred because of the movement by the wind, and that was my mistake to shoot in a Av mood instead of M or Tv. I have anyway to try again with composing HDRs despite the bad composition and the blur, who knows what you might get!

Tomorrow I shall be back to work, so I might rhyme myself back with working in Alexander's story translation and writing something for my other story. My mood did not help in the past week at all to do anything, leaving me exhausted most of the time.

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