Sunday, September 6, 2009


Back to the rhythm of the week. I really don't know how did I reach work with such closed eyes, but I do remember that I was driving with 170 kmph. I arrived to work bringing nothing of the usual stuff with me from home, namely, the envelope which I use to put Alexander's story in. Hopefully, I'm going to concentrate my power on writing something for the other story though...

Been working last night (literally speaking, I should say till today's dawn) on fixing the panoramic shots that I had last Friday. I made it out and had to play around with the colors even after the formation of the HDR image (which is supposed to give nice colors from the beginning when converted to 16-bit and fixed with Local Adaptation's histogram). The image, as some said, is nice in general, but I didn't like the dark areas of the stress, and the high red saturation in the image in some areas. Tried to fix some exposures and saturation but that did not work out greatly:


You might notice the red beams on the far left. These are the "laser-beam" effect that I talked about last time, when cars passed me by and the camera was still in "shuttering" mode. Looks like if Flash, the superhero, was just passing by this way.

I'm starting to use the PNG format for my images upload since it is the only way to put the images on the net with 16-bit format. I'm not sure though whether the format is converted automatically when I upload the images, but I hope nothing is changed. The JPG images can be saved only in 8-bit format, thus making less number of shades for each channel in the RGB system.

It was one heavy nap I had in the office today. Although I woke up to type this but I can hardly concentrate without tilting the image in my eyes. I have to do something with this drowsiness.

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