Monday, September 7, 2009

Mr Magoo.

I was lucky today that I slept one more hour before the regular timing that I've been into for one week or two now. Still though I'm drowsy but not as much to knock me down on the couch I guess. Thus, I decided to pick up my translation stuff with me today and work on a verse (or a two if possible).

I sent some emails containing the latest images I've taken and processed, as I am getting ready as well to make a back-up of the existing files now which are close to 4GB. In the meantime, I started as well to do some HDR experiments back again on some of the old photos that I've taken since I learnt some new methods now and some new aspects for doing this. As a result I got a new shape for the previously done image:

And, I'm willing to add more hopefully, as I was working yesterday with what I called previously as "The Twisted Tower." Unfortunately, I need model release (signed authorization) to submit such image to stock sites. Despite the fact that such image was taken in a panoramic shot and the real size is supposed to be somehow more than 2 meters long, but I had to reduce the size to the regular 2600px height (regular for some stock sites) to suppress somewhat the level of grain noise (and worked later with Neat Image noise reduction capabilities).

Cat food, cat food, cat food... it is exhausting my budget a bit, and now with 3 new kitten born in the house, I don't know if what I have already is enough. They are a good subject for photography, but I couldn't get much of a nice picture yesterday. The new kitten, unlike the ones before, get scared easily and go on hiding whenever they see me out.
When I got back to my work place with my purchase, you know who was following me with his eyes! Don't you know? Yep, Mr Magoo.

Seems submitting photos to fotolia is really a waste of time...

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