Monday, November 23, 2009


The yield for today's translation work is the usual, 2 verses. Yet, it made me feel somehow special because it is page #60. That means 60 verses had been translated so far into Ayvarith from English. Regardless of the errors and mistakes that I found out in the numbers, and considering the whole story of Alexander (part VI) takes up to 3000 lines, 24 lines for each verse, that makes almost half of the story left to be translated (65 verses). Well, with the same rate of 2 verses per day, I might need 2 months or so for this! But ah well, I already spent as much with it.

Today's verses were a bit tough since I had to do lot of words creations and fabrications, which slowed me down a bit. Plus, the fact that I couldn't get any coffee at the end of the day before 2 hours of my leave made it worse actually!

As had been foretold already by the "weather" forecast, Fotolia rejected all my images (6 of them or 5) that had been submitted during the last weekend. Normal to me by now, as I don't know what technicality needed here. Yet, Canstockphoto website is a good one for hobbyist like me, and in fact some people did buy some of my photos before. I think all what I need is some advertising (and this is what I do below at the end of each entry if you noticed). I guess more work needed on that side.
Bigstockphotos is another website that I totally forgot about. I remember it was worse than Fotolia when it comes to details and clarity. Anyway, I think more work would or should be done in other fields other than the stock sites. They barely feed a bird.

I keep on fixing photos from Ireland still, and this time I shall try to make another 30 images and put them online, and then make another email containing all of those. At this time I might have to concentrate more on those non-panoramic and regular shots that I had in Ireland. Yet, I have some plenty of panoramic shots that are not touched yet so far and I need to work on them later on or so.

Lough Corrib from the side in a clear day. Co. Galway, Ireland.

The details in this image can be seen after clicking on the thumbnail. A description is available below the image.

Well, would I be able to take some photo of some haunted houses? I will check it out this week, but, I do prefer to do this somewhat around morning time... better... isn't it?
Finally, my salary is here (with some extra money I guess for some previous days) however, I paid almost half of the credit card debt, and I think I won't be waiting to order the books I wanted from Amazon! But... I better think about it a bit before I rush into it. The books are saved on my list there anyway...

want to buy them for me? Thank you!

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