Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Xácúj e-Tuxunin...

This is one of the words that I had to make today while translating. Xácúj e-Tuxunin [Ankh:Xacwj aetoXoniN], is a composite that I made out for the word: Chimney.
Xácúj is a word that comes out from "xacaj" meaning "to exit," while "tuxunin" means "smoke." Thus the composite meaning leads to: Smoke Outlet.
The yield for today is 2 verses as usual. Though I had to do them in lengthy hours since I feel powerless today. Not enough sleep, and also a feel of depression because of some photos rejection from Canstockphoto this time, specially, the Window's photo;

An Fhuinneog

Now, I have to go over again with some pains-taking processes to try and make up this image again, almost out of scratch. The thing is, stock photos sites seem not to like the HDR images of tonal adjustments, but better they like everything natural and normal. Fine then, I shall keep the tonal play for myself for fun.
I placed today my order of 3 books into Amazon. Total charge is $155 with shipments and stuff. Let's see if the DHL is attempting to take extra charges for delivering books as "customs" charges. I hope one day I won't have to sell my pants in order to pay something. Let's hope.

A calm day somewhat, despite the drowsiness. It had been some days since I did some doodling with my black pen. I even did not try to upload much of my doodles and sketches into these stock sites. I must find other sites. But the work is going on with other photos from Ireland, regardless of the rejections;
Brigit's Garden Entry. Co. Galway, Ireland.

My thoughts are away trying to figure out how or by what sense shall my photos be as clear as water? Is it really possible to make images look like they are scanned from a glossy paper, but directly from the camera? Would I need to clean the sensor now? Would I need a cleaning kit for my sensors now? I feel awkward...

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