Wednesday, November 25, 2009


"Lajnúc" [Ankh: lujQnwC] is a word I made today (beside other words) meaning "Side." This word made me lot of trouble to settle it down in fact. Because I discovered that wherever it was mentioned in the manuscript in the verses before, I was going over the word by some trick in expression without the need to translate it directly. I had to double re-check that I did not make a word for it before, since I discovered that I am re-making some words all over again in another way, like the word "Simple" which I made it all over again in another verse I've recently translated, but then I discovered it was made up already before but I didn't notice. After the final add-up for these words into the dictionary there must be some adjustments and cancelation of some of course, beside the change in the translation itself. It surely requires keen eyes.

Today is Wednesday and as usual, TGIW. But this one is a special TGIW, since tomorrow it is indeed a holiday. I had some thought about my translation work, and I think I will take the manuscript with me back home and work with my laptop (connecting it to the wireless I've just made up in my room) and have a go with the translation during the holiday. Yet, I'm not sure if the mood swings would allow me to!

Back to our word "Lajnúc" it originates from the preposition "lajanc" meaning "beside." "Lajnúc" is a noun, and can be used to mean the side of a shape or any object in general. Thinking about it now, I really don't know how did I twist my translation to overcome this word before! After all seems my prevention came to an end where I must make a word for it.

Planning today to continue the work with that Window image. This time, I have to try to do it all in 32-bit format and then use other softwares to do the job for me in enhancing the colors. For this reason, I loaded all the images into a stack of layers and started to organize them manually and aligning them in groups, but yet this work is not done yet. I'm sure I'm going to need to restart my PC as well or something to "rejuvenate" my memory. Thinking seriously now about getting a 64-bit system with zillions of RAMs.
Been thinking as well if the focus of the images that I've been taking is a bit blurry because I don't see clearly through the viwfinder... there must be a way to calibrate that!

Seems my hopes of traveling back to Ireland by the next year are a bit hovering over some hard rocks, just by thinking about the expenses that are waiting for me... hope all goes good though. I might get some hope by next October if I couldn't make it by May...

Golden Rings over Lough Corrib. Co. Galway, Ireland.

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