Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It is the first day after the Eid's holiday. Despite my promises to myself for working on the translation at home, yet, I didn't do any. I was busy playing games and sleeping most of the time. We had some nice rains been falling for 2 days (2 days ago or 3) and I opened my window most of the time listening to the sound of the rain while falling asleep. And now, I think I have some traces for the beginning of a flu.

This morning is quiet. No janitors arrived since the previous ones got their contracts over, and my colleagues didn't arrive till the writing of this line at 7:18 a.m., and that, is a pleasant atmosphere for me. Despite the fact that I slept only for 3 hours, I'm trying to cope now. I feel some relief though since we start this week work on Tuesday, meaning only 3 days and we are off again for the weekend. Ah well, only this week anyway, but it worths the hope!

Been having some troubles again with some panoramic images as some of them need re-making, while some others got problems with mixing and such. An amazing problem occured to a 360 round image for the field of Aughnanure castle, and that was after converting the HDRs into TIFFs, the images just tilted length-wise by themselves and refused to tilt back to normal position! Never seen such a thing before. However, I managed to rotate them upside down (since photomerge had hard time with length-wise images) and photomerge worked it out. It was funny to see a whole scene upside down. I bet someone from the back would see me and wonder "this guy got a problem with his eyes lenses?."

Been waiting for my order of books from Amazon now for one week almost (or exactly) and thanks to the inspection department in the ministry of communication. Maybe they think it's a bomb or something, or maybe some "unethical" books? Hope this is over soon. I'm getting very sick from everything here.

The word for today is Mishavshanút [Ankh: miSuvQSunwt], which means "Twin." It is masculine and it is derived mainly from two words: msháví (equal) + Shnán (two).

Deeper into Lough Corrib. Co. Galway, Ireland.

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