Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy Pace...

Didn't have much time lately either for translating or to write something in the blog. Specially with our routine meeting yesterday which spared me no headache. However, with such meetings the strike of doodles is back now and I did many useless or rather unconscious lines on some papers that I deem useless in fact;

Zombie hand


I was asked to take photos around the place (again) and also for the staff members as well. I'm supposed to do this today, but until this very moment, seems it won't be so... anyway, I've had some fun taking photos around the place.

I think my health in enhancing little bit, so, I guess I will be back to my crazy pace and the lazy routine for everyday. And finally, my book shipment had arrived. DHL in Kuwait is comparable with the usual snail mail. And that does not make me content with DHL at all. Since my shipment to Ireland was destroyed before the passage of one month in custody. Boy, do I feel so sick of these people? I need a pain killer really...

I've finished lately uploading the new 30 images taken from my trip to Ireland, and working on organizing an email message while typing this blog! I want to make it different than the other two emails before, but I just don't know how! Needless to say, I need to put in a LONG list of email addresses.

I don't think I will be translating anything for today as well. All what I'm looking for, for now, is a bed, specially after I overslept and woke up 55 minutes late from my usual wake up time. I drove like a crazy. Yes, I admit it... and I'm happy about it!

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