Sunday, December 6, 2009

Excitement Needed...

Days passed since I translated something from Alexander's story. Thus, today, I decided to work more than 2 verses. I translated 3 verses, yet my aim was 4. Surprisingly, some work (as in, my work place) just decided to occur when I'm completely off mood, and trying hard to translate some verses here. It is obvious though that I can't work on the translation from home, since I always got something to do or just need to rest. Maybe I need some excitement in my life other this rubbish that I live in every day.

I've brought my book here about Architectural Photography as well, so I went on reading in between the verses I was translating. We had some class in our center and I was a bit lazy to do things. I have to give some illustration by next Tuesday, and no mood for it from now. I just took a look at the things that I want to do and the pile was so huge that made me feel down. I need to regulate and divide my time, but this bloody mood swing never leaves me alone...

Speaking of excitement, it is one of the words that I made for today;

Excitement: þarþaríþá [Ankh: TurQTuryTa]. Feminine noun. It comes from the verb (þarþar) meaning "to excite." I don't know really how or why I made it that way, but the sound of the word itself made me smile a bit. "þ" is like "th" in "thin" and "think."

Time to pack my stuff now and do something useful. Yes. That's getting back home... instead of listening to my colleagues arguing.

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