Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fatal Error...

After a shaky weekend I start this week with a day that started with some trials for accidents. I'm waiting for next Thursday with great hope, because it is an off-day. Last week I was able to translate only one verse of Alexander's story, and today I felt - a bit - the urge to translate 3 verses to compensate for my usual rate of 2 verses a day.

I discovered another killing mistake with the numbering system for the lines. The numbers jumped 6 lines ahead, from 1383 to 1389 just like that, which made that specific verse shorter! I don't know what kind of "twist" shall I use as an excuse for this yet, but I'm intending to keep the numbers as they are. Any change or shift or corrections to the order of numbers, shall twist the whole thing for me specially when it comes to the order of words used and lines.

The numb state is still hovering around with me being not able to write anything. Nothing at all. All what I'm concerned about is photography for the time being and waiting for my salary now to clear some debts on my credit card. After that I'm going to order some new photography books. November had almost gone now without me being able to visit Miskan island on the north of Failaka island, because of working conditions here. I need just one "man" to help me out with my plans on this. In the mean time, I shall work on more photo processing, and playing more games that are waiting on the queue!

I spent some time this morning also to submit some of the images that I've uploaded to Fotolia and Canstockphoto websites, and of course the reply of Fotolia was amazingly fast with rejection as usual. Anyway, nothing to be surprised for. I've been uploading these images for some time during the weekend mainly, but not in mood to write down the keywords and the titles for them, thus the perfect time for such activities is, the work time in the office where I am awake and doing nothing!

Walkway around Ashford Castle. Co. Mayo, Ireland.

In the mean time as well, I do think of some plans to visit some of the old deserted (haunted maybe aswell) houses and take pictures of them, in "special" times... yes... special. Yet, I don't know any of such houses near by or so, so I have to ask around and maybe as my brother for some help. Thank you, not going to do it alone!

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