Wednesday, November 18, 2009


TGIW, Thank God It's Wednesday. I still remember these words when they were used by Linda over the SuperStation on the radio. It was that time when Wednesday was the end of the week and people would prepare for the weekend. Nowadays, even this phrase would still be valid. It is Wednesday and only one day left to the weekend, thus you might play a psycho trick on your brain and say to yourself "aha yes, only one day and I'm free!"

My mood was off by the morning already when I discovered that my wallet is missing. Although I found it later on when I reached the office but I'm still pissed off for what happened already. I had to borrow money from my mother just to get myself breakfast! I spent half the time at work trying to calm and not interacting with anyone. For this reason, the yield for my translation today was one page so far till the moment of writing this entry, and I don't think I will be increasing the amount for this day. Despite the fact that one hour is left still to leave this place, yet I don't feel I have the power and the mood enough to continue working on that.

I wonder where all my powers for writing poetry had gone? Is it something that would come back? I feel so awkward and out of balance. So confused that I just can't write anything, not even complete the story that I already began in

Still yet, not all my time is to waste. At home I still work on some images, specially those that were taken into panoramic shots in Ireland. This time, with the help of other softwares, I do not use the HDR option in photoshop itself, but I always do it outside, then use photoshop to photomerge and stitch the images. Although I found out some programs that would stitch as well, but Photoshop is still better for this work.

Lake behind Ashford Castle. Co. Mayo, Ireland.

The Lonely Tree by Lough Corrib. Co. Galway, Ireland.

And more to come...

Because of my "turbulent" sleeping habit nowadays, I do barely play any game after getting back home. Eat, Sleep, Wake up, Eat, Sleep, Wake up, Work... I need some brainstorming I think... Literally!

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