Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Father?

It is Tuesday, and of course yesterday was a Monday, and you might know by now how much I like Mondays, NOT.

I was so drowsy and absent-minded yesterday that I didn't feel like writing anything in this blog, but I had some strength to work on my translation for Alexander stories, and did 2 verses already, as usual. As I go further, I get more grip on the language itself and sometimes I discover some of the grammatical mistakes that I did here and there (originally) and sometimes I discover some mistakes with word making and such. There are some words that need to be changed specially that, as I go further, I developed some kind of a sense for the conlang and I wouldn't like to go systematic anymore. I think it would be true for other conlangs developers? Maybe.

And with the tiresome body and eyes I didn't stop doodling. I go on senselessly and unconsciously rubbing the tip of my pen against the paper piece, as I always do in boring meetings and classes.

Asian Bride

The previous sketch was actually done upside down in the beginning. Then suddenly I found out that when I turn it around, it would be something like a crown and a head, and so I continued that way.

Finally, I managed to make a somehow reduced image (with the help of other softwares other than photoshop) for the shot that made me pain since I got back from Ireland: The Window (An Fhuinneog).


The image here is somehow elongated because it was merged in cylindrical algorithm. I made another one in spherical, which was a bit more normal to the eye, but unfortunately the lower part was scrambled for some reason. The main sots (66 of them) were reduced by 70% to make the formation easier, but after all I had some problems with memory, as always. Some part of the completed image later on was not there and the area was transparent. I fixed that with a little trick of using the symmetry along the vertical axis. Without boring details, it just involved using the "auto-blend" option in photoshop for two layers.

The image now is in 8-bit JPG format, and yet, it is 30MB which forces me to reduce the size a bit. I'm sure after all, it will be refused by Fotolia anyway.

Despite the shuttered sleeping time, yet I managed to sleep for 3 hours before I come to work. In these 3 hours, I had a weird dream. So many events, yet all what I remember now is, me, carrying a little baby girl and running in some place jumping trying to reach some where. She had weird round black eyes, and yellowish golden hair. I was thinking in the dream, that this is my daughter...

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