Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Birdy...

First day of the week. Quiet working conditions, but tiresome mind and body.
The yield for today was the usual 2 verses in translation, and yet I cannot write ay poem or any story, just trying to so something with my black ink pen.

The sketch above is something I did last week, and of course out of boredom as usual. I called it the bird from hell. I don't know really how I do it or why I do it, it is just my hand works by itself. I thought it is a good idea to make a vector image out of it for Fotolia, and after all, as usual, it was rejected. I think it is time to move on and look for other sites to post my pictures and photos, otherwise, nothing will spread. Despite what people say about my photos, they are always rejected (while shaky images get accepted). I wonder if I can find myself another business with such photos.

I decided to give it a try again with the image that made my life hard enough till now, that is the window of Aughnanure castle which was taken on several parts (66 images each composed of 3 shots, totaling 198 shots). Now, I'm trying a new approach and hoping my PC's memory will aid me on this. This time, I worked on converting the shots into a form of reduced HDR images converted to 8bits (which I discovered later on to be really 16-bit images and the software did not do as told). I reduced the sizes of the 66 images by 70%, but I do not have a tool to batch-convert the files into 8-bit images, and that forces me to do all the photomergy operation with the original 16-bit images and then convert the whole thing into 8-bit, if the operation was complete that is. I still get memory issues to cope with.

On the other hand, my stupid AIM suddenly disconnected me and never want to join the network again. I can join AIM in the laptop, and mobile, but not in own PC. I tried to re-install it, but yet no luck, and THAT screws my mind a bit. Let's hope I can do something about it today when I get back from work... yeh... work...

Last Friday there was unpleasant incidents at home that made me really think of killing someone... why do I always get the burden on my back? And why people do remember me only when troubles come? I do need to change this...

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