Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday again...

My office windows.,Entrance,Emergency exit.. always closed.,Where liquid nitrogen is leadinto the building...,Where I park my car every day.

This is the place where I work... everyday. You check the tags for some of the "strategic" points that we have in this place!
I was called to take photos around the place and for some new devices that we don't have pictures of yet, to upload the images later on to our website. I can't recall what's the address of our website though! I took photos around, for some labs and for the class room, and at the end when people started to leave the building, I moved my car away from the front of the building and started to shoot. I didn't bring my tripod to allow my hands to move freely. It is either my sensitivity for captivity, or it is the tripod's weight that made me think twice to take it out with me for this occasion.

The composition of this image was a bit of a hard work. It is simple, but the memory in my PC now sucks big time and made me think seriously of changing the system to something faster. Anyway, I had a trick to go around it and minimized the originals to make working with them a bit faster and easier. Also, with the help of other softwares (beside the usual photoshop) I was able to produce vibrant colors out of the HDR composition. Another difficulty showed up when composing the image with photomerge is when there was a plenty of empty spaces and the image is rectangular (naturally!). It might not be a big deal if I want to save the image as a GIF (because transperancy is saved) but since JPG is required here for web and other purposes, I had to work around the lower left corner and cover it with the Clone tool.
I wonder if this occasion is the beginning of some side-career related to photography... who knows!

I've put some books on my Amazon list in order to order them later on... when I balance my budget again after the stupidity that they made with my salary here. I'm thinking seriously as well of getting a new set of lenses, and a camera body, and a dedicated flash. All of that will seriously be around 1000 K.D. if not more. But first, I have to clear up my visa a bit.

I made a scan for some of my gibberish and sketching that I usually do when I'm partially unconscious. Might submit them to stock sites later for fun. I'm trying to make a vector image in EPS format or something if possible. I didn't work with EPS format before and I don't know anything special about it, yet when I save a file I get some dialog box with some options that I didn't understand any! Just saved it anyway!

Yield for today is 2 verses... and it is Thursday, let's see how the weekend goes this time...

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