Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still Greasing Up...

Despite my work with the translation, I still need more activity on my way. I hardly translated 2 verses today.
My sleeping time is a bit of a mess and I really don't know how am I driving to home after going out of this place. When I get back home I forgot all about this tiresome time and I start working on my photos and trying to get out something out of them. I got really frustrated and annoyed with the many refusal for my images after spending hours on creating them and enhancing them. I can't understand what do they really want. Moreover, I found out that some people actually submitted shaky images and still these images were accepted into some sites. I feel that whatever I do, is useless and helpless.

Yet, with my work with the translation, such work does not require much thinking, but merely making up words and direct work, while my work on the story is still hanging into the air without anything I can write with. My mind is empty of ideas and I can't continue writing just right now. My mood does not help and makig shadows over my head. Ideas for poetry hover around my head, and yet I can't gather them in a concrete way.

With a time of boredom waiting for the time to leave my work place, I started to sketch some lines across a tiny white piece of paper which later on developed to some imaginative sketch made of lines and dots. I think I shall scan these later. I did not make any topic out of thefirst lines in the first place but seems my hand is working all by itself.

I took some shots today around our building, maybe I shall pin these down here later as well. I got lot of work waiting for me out of the work place itself. My real work with my beloved photos. At least it is something I do like doing...

I got a surprising feeling out of a sudden, that whatever I do or whereverI go... I'm alone.

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