Monday, November 9, 2009

Greasing Up...

With my effort to get back to my old routine and heat before I travel to Ireland, I decided today after some time of working on some emails to go on and hit the translation pack. I spent around 2 hours translating 2 passages or verses (that is 48 lines), from English to Ayvarith. I discovered that y hands did not lose the touch of the pen still, which is good, and I went on sparking memories of some old words that I didn't use now for some time. The irony is, sometimes when I try to memorize a word in Hebrew, I do remember the Ayvarith equivalent instead!

I hope this is a good start. I have lot of other things to do beside this translation work: the story (blackened image), the new site building, photography and a long list of games to play!
Now the translation and the story writing is mainly a job I usually do in the office and not at home, since my mood gets screwed up more (it is already screwed however) when I get back home. The photos are mostly done and tried at home because of the software things. Yet, I should not stop my camera from clicking as I have plans not done yet at the time being.

I worked on sending a massive email message to most of the people I know containing images from Ireland. That was part 2, and more to come later.

Here you go with the images sent over the email. Enjoy...

The Waterfront from inside. Co. Galway, Ireland. The Avatar. Inchagoil Church, Co. Galway, Ireland. A Tree in Ashford Castle Gardens, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Inchagoil Monastery Gateway. Co. Galway, Ireland. A Tower from Ashford Castle. Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Captivated Horse. Co. Galway, Ireland. Stream under the road to Aughnanure Castle. Co. Galway, Ireland. Ashford Castle - Backyard. Co. Mayo, Ireland. Sheep Island in Loch Coirib. Co. Galway, Ireland.

The Lonely Snail, near Oughterard town. Co. Galway, Ireland. Loch Coirib with some of its islands. Part of Connemara Hills. Co. Galway, Ireland. Ashford Castle from far away. Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Entrance of Aughnanure Castle. Co. Galway, Ireland. A house on an island in Loch Coirib. Co. Galway, Ireland. View for Connemara Hills from Loch Coirib. Co. Galway, Ireland.

Snail on a step in front of the Waterfront. Co. Galway, Ireland. Rock in Loch Coirib. Co. Galway, Ireland. The Waterfront in one sunny day. The Breakfast Room - The Waterfront.

Cloudy Day over Loch Coirib. co. Galway, Ireland. Leaves of Holly Tree, Co. Galway, Ireland.

Cong Monastery, Gateway. Cong Monastery, Large Window.

Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo. The Waterfront - Backyard

My room in the Waterfront. Co. Galway, Ireland. The Roundhouse, Brigit's Gardens. Co. Galway, Ireland.

In Front of The Waterfront, Co. Galway, Ireland Dock at Inchagoil Island, Co. Galway, Ireland.

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