Thursday, November 5, 2009


It is my first week at work and I was burning my fat, but not in work, but in some other matters. At work I'm still trying to get my previous mood for writing (which did not work all the time except at work, specially when the time was close to leave the office).

Yesterday was just too much. I woke up at 11pm Tuesday and went to work Wednesday morning without sleeping, and yet I had the urge to go and buy the wireless printer that I wished for and also to my ISP headquarter to get the wireless router that I wanted for some time now (and it was a must now since I have a wireless printer, since I don't have a wireless adapter in my desktop PC).

After coming back from work, I spent my time working on my new stuff and turning my room into a real mess. I just realized later that I was awake for more than 20 hours just at 9 O'clock. Thus, I had to fall down like a dead horse and decided to continue the work today. I went back home after spending some time in the office and just as if by miracle everything with that damned network in my room was done correctly! Now, I have to work on connecting this printer to other laptops around the house.

For all of this I didn't work on many photos recently. Plus, my progress is so slow and I didn't even begin working with my translation for Alexander's story so far. I got back working with the window's photo that was taken from Aughnanure castle, which is still a challenge. I minimized the partial photos thus photoshop can work a bit easier and faster (relatively) but yet no luck. I wish if I can take these photos again to compensate for such a mistake! Anyway, I'll try to think of some trick, hopefully!

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