Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Two days passed in my life and they were the most sarcastic I would say. Yet, they went on fine. I took Tuesday off since I wanted to avoid the traffic jam, and since it is a one day off, I had to make the request for this leave one day before, that is Monday. Directly after doing this request on the system, I discovered that the streets were amost empty and no jam at all! The roads were better than normal days even! So I recognized the fact that people (most of them) actually requested 2 days off before the event and thus, not much was happening in the streets. However, although I could cancel this request, I decided to go on and take one day off.
Yet, the pranks did not stop. I was playing with myself some silly games. I was planning to go to Miskan island on Tuesday morning (and first I have to go to Failaka by ferry), but then with hesitation I decided to cancel. Later in the day I realized it is Tuesday already and no ferry is going to Failaka! Ah well, nothing was lost, but I had to sit around and laugh at myself for some time.

I went on a shooting course on Monday taking pics from around the labs and trying to make panoramic views out of the labs for the website that we are trying to enhance for the center. Yet, I faced many problems later on when I reached home and tried to stitch the pictures together. I discovered many mistakes that I do when I take panoramic shots under the light of the new information that I get from reading a book about panoramic photography, yet, I cannot avoid such mistakes because of the financial limitation already. For the time being, I'm planning to order a "dedicated flash" and filters, yet, I have to wait still.

The Labs

The labs corridor in CRER

The image above is a panoramic stitch for the labs corridor in my work place. It was shot as HDR then reduced by tone mapping of course. I made many mistakes here, specifically I think I shouldn't have make the shoot in portrait position, but it should have been in landscape orientation, and hence it would be easy to cut on the edges of the composition later on. The weird thing is also that, in the lower part, the composition seems OK and balanced and centered, yet the top portion of the ceiling seems tilted a bit. I wanted to try more methods for stitching, but anyway, I thought it is better to shoot the corridor again and in lanscape orientation this time. For this reason, I made a run again today, and some work is waiting for me back home.

Because of some of this pressure and walking around with my camera, I didn't have the time (and power) to translate more than 2 verses as usual. One of the words made today is the title, "Ąart^alí" [Ankh: AurQpulY]. Ąart^alí, means "naked" and the verb is "Ąart^al" [Ankh: AurQpul] (to be naked or get naked). In fact this word is not completely made up since it is exactly the Aramaic (Syriac) root of the same word.
Along with writing so fast with the translation, I noticed that I've been deforming some of the letter for the purpose of speed writing, and that sparked in me the idea of a "curvatic" Ayvarith script other than the one that I already made before, which I called "Magdúb Yúdiþ" (hand script). This one keeps the separated letters and do not join them, yet it has curvatic appearance, and different already from the shapes that I already made in the former version of the hand script.

A new set of images had been accepted by Canstockphoto. I love this website.

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