Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Finally, the day that was a heavy burden for me had passed peacefully, relatively. I demonstrated some simple stuff for the class about some devices and some aspects of the devices. It was not much, but the mood was completely off, and thank God, half of the people did not come today.
Because of this matter, I didn't translate much today, except of the usual 2 verses. I did some reading as well after finishing the demonstration. By tomorrow, I might not do much, as I am planning to leave my work place earlier and not coming back, but in the same I'm planning to bring my camera hopefully and take some images for some systems in my work place. The group photo that we were planning for might have to wait till next Thursday or next Sunday.

Today, I received one of the funniest messages on my work email address. It was from the IT department:
Kindly Notice Kuwait University Wireless service will be under maintenance today Monday 8th 
December starting from 10am.
I've removed the Arabic part since it made some troubles for me here in the writing space. I hope you noticed already that today, is Tuesday and not Monday, and the date is 8th which confirms with today's date. Left to say that, the outage is planned around 10am, while the email was sent around 10:20am. Talk about fast services here!

One of the words made today is: gadħúm [Anhk: gudQxwM]. The word comes with the meaning of "size" or "volume" (not in mathematical sense bt in general sense). The main derivation of this word comes from an old word I made already when I began creating the Ayvarith conlang, Gdíħam [Ankh: gQdyxuM] meaning "great" or "enormous". I've derived a verb directly from this word meaning "to be in size" or simple "to size"; Gadħam [Ankh: gudQxuM].

News arrived that some streets will be closed. I hope that won't effect my route back home, but alas, speak about having a "good" luck!

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