Thursday, December 10, 2009


TGIT. Thank God It's Thursday! I didn't do any post yesterday because I did not have the time to do anything, since I was busy taking pictures in the morning from the working place here, and then I took a leave from 10 o'clock to the rest of the day. I spent some time with a friend visiting the Scientific Center and going through the Aquarium. Too bad that I did not bring my camera. I thought it is not allowed, until I saw someone using a camera with a flash.

At work yesterday, I was taking some pictures for documentation purposes, but later on I had to work my mind a bit and trying to find some "inventive" spots to take some pictures from certain angles. Maybe I was good at that but I did a mistake with facing the sun rays sometimes while shooting;

How many triangles?

And guess what? My boss embraced my job with the photos! I'm flattened! (or is that flattered? Well, same yield!).

Been discovering some multiple word make up in my dictionary and it's going to be some hard time to settle down some issues with this. There are even some words that I'm sure I made up before, but yet, I cannot find any traces in my dictionary or in the margins of my draft. Yet, I do remember I made such words. That may cause me some even hard time even after finishing the translation. I'm reaching the limit of 2000 lines for now, and the contents in general should be smaller than I thought because, as I stated before in previous posts, there had been many errors in the numerbing of the lines (skipping some numbers or repeated numbers and so on), and that makes the number of lines lesser than stated before (that is, 3000 lines). More than 15 pages remain on the queue list to be translated with an average of 2 verses per page (more or less), in other words, more than 30 verses are waiting for my translation! Each verse has 24 lines... my hand is going to have muslces and my brain and tongue will play tricks with my own native language. Just imagine that I have to spell check the Ayvarith version after that, and check the grammatical composition! Yes... it is breaking down my back.
After translating three verses today, my brain felt a sudden shut down and I can't continue anymore with it for now. So I'm going to spend the rest of my time until I get out of here with reading, and coping with this silly connection that had been playing tricks since the morning... until the postage of this entry.

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