Sunday, December 13, 2009

Interior Design...

Today, I decided to give myself a little vacation (adding one day to the weekend already). But it was not a real vacation anyway since I had plans for today. I was planning since the last night to go and make my attendance with the fingerprint machine and then leave by the ferry to Failaka island and then from there to Miskan island, since I've been told that there are some special boats specified for taking tourists up to there. However, my plans did not go as I planned, because by dawn the gates of heavens opened up and the rain started to hammer down. It was a bit dangerous to go on for a cruise even if such rain stopped later on, because you wouldn't know when it's going to rain again.
Since my plan to go on the ferry was not achieved, I decided to go on and complete some cleaning tasks that I've started yesterday, but stopped with the excessive back pains. Later on, I went on back to my work place to do the fingerprint again, and it was so damn thick and dense and jammed place and got myself even stuck in the wrong entrance and had to go all the way back on Reverse. I think I spent like 30 minutes to reach the work place, while I took around 15 minutes to reach home after leaving the place. But this is nothing for now, for the real jam will start by tomorrow by the arrival of GCC leaders into the country and cops had made their own preparations for diverting some roads to other places, thus despite the fact that the ferry times are good for tomorrow and the day after, but I just don't want to risk my luck with it, since I have to get back and do the damned fingerprijnt check up again.

Taking some break from the pictures taken from Ireland now and now working on some pictures that I took for the house from the inside. It is a trial to check if I can make the ordinary house that I live in by everyday, into something new for the eyes by photographs. However, it can be only a play with my camera as well.

Clock in the hall

Stairway of Dreams

I'm in dilemma as to what to order first for my camera, I need so many tools that I don't think it is a good idea to order all at once. Maybe I should concentrate for the time being on getting a suitable dedicated flash, and a neutral density filter.

The activity for now with my translation is of course null, since I did not go to my office today. But I might spend much more time doing it by tomorrow...

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