Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alexander 6, V51.

So, so, so. Here I am starting my first day of fasting. It's not Ramadhan, but I felt the need to do this. I need to reduce my food consumption since I felt many stomach upsets lately.
I didn't post anything yesterday, well, I was kind of busy with transliteration, that I'm trying to boost up little bit, and also I didn't have any images to put on or anything new.

However, today was a sort of a busy day despite the fact that I'm fasting and barely got strength to do anything, but this is what fasting is about; to challenge your own self. I had to check for myself with the garage to see if my car is ready after that damn accident, since no one answers the phone. Yet, the car is not ready yet! Blah!
I'm writing this after having a little nap for 45 minutes before noon. This is supposebut d to be a charger. I'm going to spend the rest of the day working on this transliteration as much as possible as long as my head can remain still on my shoulders. I'm getting to the end and reaching the limits of line #2700. The work won't finish of course by simply finishing this transliteration, but this part will be done for good and it would be like the weight of a mountain been moved out away from my back. On the other hand there would be, after all this is over, changes to some grammatical features and accordingly, some changes in the Ayvarith text of all of the 6 parts all together. Also, sounds that I must record again the Ayvaric (I coined this) narration to get along with such changes, and that means, it is the time to install some good software to manage my sound files. The hard part of this process is to have a strong memory for the words and for the flow. One of the major changes or check-ups that await for me is, the present verb and its suffices (that require short vowels). There had been some ambiguity in this area.

I've been working again with the topic of posting an HDR image on the web and being able to see all exposures manually via a plugin. I've downloaded PTConvert, a software that converts Radiance files (.hdr) into Floating-point JPG (.fjpg) format, and with the help of Java, people should be able to see the image and ramp up or down the exposure to see most of the bright and dark areas of the image as they like. I've done most of this correctly by now and as I checked by the tutorial given by Christian Bloch in his website, but until this very moment, the thing did not work properly. Java loads, but no image shows except of a red rectangle! Before this time, I already had a problem with the software itself because it was crashing and closing down. The problem was fixed by replacing the desired file for convert in the folder of the software itself! Thanks Blochi!

Planning for some big day tomorrow. Well, not much of a big day but it is a day for me. Planning to capture 3 labs or rooms in our center and make them into QTVR. Hopefully, these QTVRs will be used in the website of our center as an interactive material. For the time being, I've settled my mind on 2 rooms so far, but no idea what the third one should be. And just for the fun of it, I've taken some pictures of myself yesterday and started to play around in Photoshop with them, trying to make out some diabolic. Well, not going to post the image here anyway!

Literature-wise now. After doing my last one, One Day in May, I've started to write some words for another one. The problem is, I lost interest so fast that I always prefer to do my homework all at once instead of gathering the words from here and there and writing them down, and this is what is happening now. I left my Notepad window open in my PC at home with six lines only, and the flow stopped for some reason which I can't remember. I hope I would be able to push myself to write more to it and not just close it down and forget about it. It has been, and still, a weird time that I'm not sure if it is related to some aspect of my life or it is a natural consequence for my age by now. It is a strong desire to live back my teenage. I do believe that I didn't get much out of this age for myself back then, and it all comes in some passion for the old songs, but I don't mean the so-old ones, but those that I used to listen to when I was at that age and up until my early 20s.
1201. then Birbuár continued his talk with Alexander
1202. and this he said: O good king things here are different,
1203. I do not know what is the summer or winter, or spring or autumn!
1204. we plant here and harvest all the time,
1205. and time is counted by the passing of light and darkness,
1206. while months are counted by the moons of the sky
1207. some people have shadow here, and some do not,
1208. it all depends on how much dark side they have,
1209. did you not see that I have a dark black shadow?
1210. it is all because I was once a wicked man,
1211. and it is time to clean my soul and take a rest,
1212. and I hope the Khaznútím will not be severe with me,
1213. as for your question about the light and darkness,
1214. the light is the light! when darkness is not there, it is here!
1215. then Alexander went silent for few moments to think
1216. he verily knows now that it is a different world than his
1217. where the laws of nature does not sound natural in this
1218. thus he expected to see more abnormal things
1219. all of these thoughts raced in his mind all at once
1220. then he raised his head and asked Birbuár
1221. "and now my friend, what are you going to do,
1222. and what am I going to do in this world?"
1223. Birbuár replied: as for me, I shall do whatever Khaznútím orders,
1224. as for you, I advise you to see Shdáyur by the morning

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