Thursday, May 6, 2010

Alexander 6, V52.

 The headache is blowing my head off for today, and despite that, I've been driving here and there to do some stuff with my sister's car. But by the early morning and jut by arriving to my office, I've got my camera out and started to scan the gamma lab with my fisheye lens. I hope this one gives better results than the previous trial and adding to that, the shoot was run for HDR.
Although I was planning to cover 3 rooms, but it is not a good idea to shoot all in one day. The work load then would push me down I guess. I'll finish this one first.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward now for a free HTML editor after losing my FrontPage with the format. I don't want to get back to that software and I'm trying to build all the essential things that I need on freewares as much as possible. For the time being, my eyes settled on PageBreeze 4.0c, so I might go with it. I'll download that when I get back home.

As for now... I have to post this and leave this place maybe, or take a nap till it is time to get out in time!
1225. Birbuár left Alexander to his fate at this moment
1226. he hugged and told him: we might meet once again,
1227. but you hero be careful with Shdáyur, the smith,
1228. he remembers your face and he has a bad temper
1229. and Alexander replied back: yes, I will,
1230. and you take care of yourself Birbuár,
1231. and always be good, for goodness never troubles anyone
1232. then after a hug and a hand shake, the companions got separated
1233. Alexander then roamed into the village between the walls
1234. watching carefully the coming and going people
1235. and from behind a wall in a narrow street
1236. he watched over the smith going out from his house
1237. so he followed him slowly until he got into his smithy
1238. then when Shdáyur got in, Alexander slipped through the door
1239. then he closed the door behind and Shdáyur was surprised
1240. Shdáyur took some time to recognize the face in the beginning
1241. for the shop was dark and not enough lighting was going in
1242. and just when Alexander thought Shdáyur was calm and smiled
1243. he found himself facing the huge hammer of the smith
1244. and while the smith was shouting and running to Alexander
1245. Alexander drew his Charnagút in his face
1246. thus the raging bull calmed down and stopped
1247. and he looked at Alexander with angry eyes
1248. thus Alexander said: calm down, I will not hurt any one

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