Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alexander 6, V53.

 Ever heard the term "bad hair day"? Well, here you go. A bad hair week. From one malfunctioning to another, whether it be the car or even my life. May just started, and I'm wondering what else to come until the end of the month.
Woke up at 3 a.m. and realized that I must get up and have something before the "Imsak", or the time that I should stop eating anddrinking since I'm still going on with my fasting "program". Went down to the kitchen and discovered there are no dates for my favorite meal for fasting, dates and milk (or sour milk or "laban" as we call it). I had only 3 or 4 dates and made a fuss for my stomach eating from here and there and drinking milk and water afterward. The result is diarrhea that still feel sore in my tummy while writing this at 9:10 a.m. in the morning.

With general weakness I can't collect my ideas to write some poetry except of some lines that come across my mind and go in a hurry. Like I've lost the sense of rhyme. Amid the wave of disturbance I still have my passion for these old songs that people rarely listen to nowadays...

Back to photography. After snapping the gamma lab we have here, I have some real problems stitching and also in EV level, that I'm thinking seriously of deleting all my files and doing it all over again! The template method did not work out very well, and I thought maybe I should tone-map the HDR files then stitch, but that was a bad option as some images were to dark that made a disturbance in the view! Ironically, some results were enhanced little bit after neglecting and canceling some files from the series.

 The Gamma Lab, CRER, taken on a previous session with Little-Planet Porjection

On the other hand, I'm still trying to embed FJPG files into here but with no luck with it. The final result I got was a red plain rectangle and that's it. My other option, as stated by Blochi, turned to be some open source that works in Linux, but maybe not on Windows, or probably would do with some extra stuff to add to my PC or laptop. I really don't have the mood for all of this right now. The choice is left now to spend more time on the panorama and add more control points and doing lot of fixes in Photoshop. That's all I can offer for the time being.

In a haste, I've "finished" if I can say, the poem that I've started some days ago. I called it, After Dawn. I'm trying to let loose of my tendency to formulate some complex wording system that gives the poem, as some say, a sense of old English or something from the 19th century. I'm not sure yet if I'm good with this or not, but the least I can say is, I wrote them with feelings in my heart and head.
 1249. in a frustrated speech Shdáyur asked Alexander
1250. "you were with the wicked Shágí, were you not?
1251. came here to complete your sins O wicked?"
1252. then Alexander frowned and his eyes showed anger
1253. and this he said to the smith: it is better to sweeten your mouth,
1254. I am a stranger to this village, is this how you host a stranger?
1255. then Shdáyur argued: we do not host strangers that come with Shágís,
1256. then do you have a better talk rather than raising your sword?
1257. and to calm the man down, Alexander put the sword back
1258. and this he said to the smith: I am not here to fight O good man,
1259. but a lost stranger I am, and for guidance I am a seeker,
1260. I helped the Shágí because he asked for my help,
1261. and I asked for his guidance in return,
1262. then he guided me to come here to ask you,
1263. about my destination and where should I go next
1264. the smith was surprised for this talk and raised his eyebrows
1265 and this he said to Alexander: Birbuár said that to you?!
1266. this is the last thing I would imagine a Shágí would do!
1267. then Alexander explained to Shdáyur what happened that night
1268. and told him how Birbuár is going to clear his soul out
1269. and to the kingdom of Heaven he might finally go and rest
1270. then Shdáyur went silent for moments and took a short walk
1271. and to his wooden chair he went and sat after his nerves are down
1272. then he looked at Alexander and said: what is your story young man?

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