Thursday, January 26, 2012


What a chilly week! Now it feels like a REAL winter here. Our winter is not like it is in other countries where the temperature goes below zero (talking in Celsius) but anyway, in this week some areas were reported to be under zero by the night or mornings.
Now the challenge was to try and take some shots at night from the beach area, where the weather is severer. Went fine, but I had to bear with joint pains a bit until I got into a warmer place.

I was lucky with some timing for the low tide and like the previous time, I had to bear later on with increasing water level on the beach in this cold weather. Sometimes, only some times, you do like it when you suffer so much to create one image. My image, however, was a panoramic and essentially required such suffering!

Urban Romance I

I was lucky with the atmosphere somehow and the timing as well. I didn't know there is a crescent in the horizon (though I regret now that after I finished, I didn't take a single shot for the crescent). This allowed me to do two perspectives of the same panoramic scene (flat, that is) just by changing the perspective of the moon itself or the rocky beach.

Urban Romance II

Maybe the water in this location didn't cause me so much of a hard time, but to walk on all that soft sand from the parking lot to this piece of land and carrying my stuff was enough to give me some muscles stretching.
Of course there are other projections and styles, as usual, but maybe the one I liked the most (with some loss in details) is what I called the Sky Hugger.

Sky Hugger

It is in fact some form of the Wide-View angle that I used to apply for lot of panoramas lately, specially those from Ireland, but the concentration here was more on forming a unique curve in the shape of "U," with equal distances from the sides (from top). I don't believe this projection style is suitable to any panorama anyway. There was also a little planet projection, but maybe I did some sort of a mistake here for not cropping the outside portion to enlarge the planet itself:

Planeta Petris

The reason for not cropping the outside portion (or the space around the planet) is that in the original size I wanted to show some stars. However, and because of the high ISO (800) that took over the whole process, I had to resort to some tricks (mainly the median trick) to eliminate lot of the grain noise. With that, lot of stars got eliminated and we are left with blue space only. There are some tiny stars still left (and I tried manually to control the median effect by layer mask) but anyway it was a tedious work.
The title Planeta Petris (Rocky Planet) and also for the images done before like Planeta Ignis (Fire Planet), they gave me an idea of creating a series of "planets" if I should say, and each one of them will point to some element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Seems, for the time being, we have already two at hands; the fire element and the earth. How on earth I'm going to do a water and air planets, this is something I need to boost my imagination about (and certainly, daydreaming).

The night after this, I headed again to the beach and it was a REAL low tide. That is the minimum level of water and I worked in relatively a close portion of the beach, away from the water. This time it was just an experiment with my Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens and long exposure. The main aim was to record star trails, but I think I miss chose my location.

Fluorescent Shades

As you can see from the image above, the shadow of the tripod is apparent. It was not a good picture after all but experimenting is made for learning after all. In this spot, Burger King was at my back and its lights, even though being pitched darkness almost, did affect the location and cast a shadow of the tripod on such a long exposure (10 minutes). The scenery wasn't specifically attractive to me and I believe I should have done it in the previous location the night before, but now I remembered that I moved from that location in the first place because there were some unexpected visitors (at 4 a.m.) and I didn't like to be asked what I'm doing by curious people (and harmful ones at times). The trail was not long enough though, and I think I would need more like 15 to 20 minutes to create long enough (impressive) lines in the sky.
Despite the icy weather, I took off from the location with some pain in the joints (knuckles specially) and dragged myself to my car then took off to buy some goods.
In that location specifically, which I took a shot for before in some long time ago, I did try my Rokinon lens again and I had to do it fast after I finished shopping. Working fast was for two reasons mainly: a) security people, b) to finish before any glimpse of sunrise. The ISO, however, proved to be problematic. I've set ISO to 400 just to speed up the shuttering time, but that proved to be a great mistake and was unable to fix the weird noise, but finally I had satisfy myself with one of the 3-bracketed shots.

Forest of Lights

Forest of Lights (old)
Canon 350D, ISO800 f/18
Small panorama.

That said and done for now, I've finally received my shipment from the DHL (arrived by Saturday and got them finally on Tuesday). Three books are now added to the queue line and I'm squandering my time between 2 books (one of them is purchased some time ago, about swords!). Among other things I've got now is a set of gel filters (which I have to make some time for and cut some pieces of it). These gel filters are supposed to be used with my Canon 15mm fisheye lens. I've some pieces already from the three types (1-, 2-, 3-stops) and tried them out and they are fine so far. The only problem is with storing them properly since they all come together in one plastic bag and they are not separated according to their values in separate packs.
There are flash gels (to color the flash shots) which I tried briefly so far, and they seem not bad except for the velcro stickers that keep on dispatching every time I want to remove the gel from the flashgun. I'm not sure how I will be using these for the time being but it's good to keep them on hand just in case. They are good for light painting, definitely. Storing them and re-using them is a problem though.

All of this is on one hand, and my other projects, like the Geltani conlang is on hold for now. Not really on hold, but the progress is slow and I'm still doing some tests here and there about it. As for the new recording for the Ayvarith project, I didn't record yet my 5th part yet. Let's hope, this coming week? Maybe! If only I can get rid of my emotions...

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