Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rain Rain Rain...

Things are going frantic here. Thursday (today) is the election day for parliament members and we have also one day off (mainly for the occasion of the birth of prophet Mohammed, not the elections). The week was sluggish but nice one with some rains here and there (typing this as the rain is pouring outside). Rains here are a bless despite all the fuss and the mud you might have to step on, like in my work place!
Not much progress, in this week, with my various projects or photography, but only with one inventive perspective (well, not so inventive) done to some old panorama, and might enable me to manipulate older panoramas as well in the same manner:


The "perspective" in use here was Transverse Mercator; one of the rarely used perspectives (or projections). Supposedly, the Transverse term is a note that this projection is suitable for vertical panoramas or a panorama taken in landscape orientation I'd say. However, my panorama here is not vertical of course, but it yielded some result that I didn't think of before, and with the scattered rocks it helped me create a view similar to that of the classical magnetic field experiment with iron filings. I think such perspective is not suitable to just any scene, but only few like this one, which would be helped out by such projection style to add order to chaos.

For the time being I'm trying to figure out my options as I might join some expo with my sister. Not an easy decision, nor an easy work to be done. I despise the paperwork and this project is heavily loaded with it. I might as well create a logo and make it my official logo for future uses. There are many details that have been discussed, and I get a headache almost instantly.
On the other hand, I have 3 thick books waiting to be finished with. I'm reading 2 books and trying to divide the time equally between them but I think I failed so far, as the book concerned with flash photography is taking my interest the most.

Well, maybe it will be hard to take shots at night the few coming days, so I might as well just sit calmly and organize my camera backpack and my tools. There might be a travel waiting for me in June to Chicago, but I'm not optimistic about it. It is just a training course related to work, and most probably I won't be given the grant that's necessary for my training (by my work place). Not that I care much about it, but I think I do need some vacation somehow.

I'm going now, as the water seeped through my window with this heavy rain... wishing for a better week coming in advance...

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