Thursday, February 9, 2012


Exhaustive week! I'm trying to prepare myself for an expo by next month, and I'm trying to get things ready before and also, trying to learn more about what to do and what I can do, and most importantly, pricing. As some experts (or so I think) are saying on some websites as I surfed about the topic, they advise not to sell myself short (i.e. selling cheap). I believe this is true since I did already suffer for taking these images in the first place (from here and from Ireland, singular shots and panoramas). Yet to come, framing them in proper frames.

I. Canvases Around:
I made the prints in two batches (i.e. two days) and even though I wanted to print more panoramas and I had some ambitions about making a very large print (2m x 2m; ~ 6ft x 6ft) yet for the time being and for such an experience like this, I think it is too early to do so (specially on canvas papers).

The shots, and just for fun, were shot with flash using my new flash gels to balance the color of the tungsten lighting in the rooms. The sizes of the major panoramas here were fixed with dimensions around 50cm X 50cm (maybe around 1.5ft x 1.5ft). One of them in fact had few centimeters in height more than its width but I can't remember which! The rest of images were printed around the ISO size of A2 (in fact smaller since there is a margin and a crop).
Now, I've picked my images to the framing shop and chose some different frames, and it did cost a fortune. I think selling those for a range of 100KD to 300KD would be fair (~$360 to $1080) and it won't be something I'm exaggerating with. What brings my budget down even more, is the fact that I've paid the bills of electricity and water for the house (without telling anyone), as I'm supposed to be the man of the house at the moment. The consequences of that are around one third of my salary is gone. Another third have gone with preparations for the expo, and some of the last third of my salary is gone on daily expenditures. I'm waiting for the end of this month, and I don't know how I will manage till then. We have a celebration coming along for the national day of Kuwait on the 25th and 26th of February which will fall on Saturday and Sunday, and I'm not sure an extra day would be given here (for Saturday, since it is part of the weekend). I need more sleep here.

II. Back to Ayvarith:
Now, because of the busy week I had here, and because I'm getting myself busier with my new books, I didn't get the time to work more on Geltani script and language, but I managed to snap some time to record the 5th chapter of Alexander's story. You can read the Ayvarith version and listen to it in here, or you can read the English version of the story here.
Now it is the time to record chapter 6, which is something impossible to be done in one day like I did with the previous chapters already. Thus, chapter 6 will be done on several days, if not weeks, or months! I just know my lazy nature already and how much I give myself some excuses just to delay things. I have to banish these habits, but I don't know how...

For the time being, I'm so sick of driving my car and the damn peace of gear which was supposed to be ordered since the end of the December, is not here yet and no one called me to pick the car to the garage. I hate cars and their problems more than I hate Satan himself. I'm starting just to hate the idea of going out of home because I know the suffering in advance. This said, maybe it is time now to rely a bit more on my credit card and stop paying things in cash or by direct deduction (by ATM card). I have enough, but I hate to believe, that this month I'm not saving a single penny...


  1. Understand why you can not go to Ireland when you want to .. hmmmm the damn economy ...You will get more sales, I'm sure ...!!! :)Bivi

    1. Thanks Bivi :) it is more than economy though :) I'm just busy in doing stuff here and so many things I have to attend to at work and home. I can't leave everything and leave on vacation now :)