Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is Cuma Liom.

Irritation. A general theme of this week. Every single day of it sounded like endless for one reason or another. I thought my sleeping pattern is scrambled because of the fasting I'm doing right now (when fasting you need to sleep to rest), but then, last Monday, I didn't fast, and yet I woke up 4:30 a.m., and I've remained awake up till 1:00 a.m. the next day! More than 12 hours, and I did not sleep in the afternoons.
I feel uneasy in my own skin. I just wish to escape everything, and my mind is the first of them all.
This week was hectic in terms of time management, and I was not able to do much with my vocalization project for Alexander's story. But I didn't leave it all anyway and few progress was made. I'm getting closer to finishing the whole thing. Just think of the plenty of time I would have when this is all over!

Business-wise, if I can call it so, I've been writing up a proposal letter for the Heritage Village in Failaka island, and I'm still polishing the letter. Some say it is good, and some suggested some editing, however, I've given the letter to my photography teacher to see how worthy is it.

Danach (After that)
Rokinon 8mm fisheye, f/22, 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, and just trying to give my life a bit of meaning via working with the camera, I had a trial for a long exposure. I was planning for this long exposure trial for some time since I didn't do them since winter time is over. However, I've met many setbacks and the only trial I could do is not to my own liking.
The beach area where the elevated place lies, and where I was planning to take the long exposure from, was a crowded place in the weekend. I had to go to that place twice in fact. When I saw the place was so crowded at 2 a.m. I've decided to cancel, but then I went on to check again after 4 a.m., around one hour before the sunrise. The place was fine, but some (annoying) people were still there. As you can see from the picture (large one, I didn't minimize it) the people left a ghosting effect on the beach's sand.
Not many trails were recorded as it was in the other areas in winter time, but merely two lines (probably one of them is Saturn).

Canon 100mm f/32 1/500
On the other hand, I keep my eyes wide open for any chances of anything of "meaning" around me. That's when I've glanced a chance for some silhouette just in front of me when I was waiting in my car, when I parked around the place where my flash workshop takes place. In fact, the first thing that made me notice this chance is the clouds. Clouds in summer? in Kuwait? It's either a dream, or a joke, but a reality, and in front of me? It can't be! Needless to say that this area is not on the seaside where I usually shoot for the clouds. The sun was bright and harsh, and I've shot several shots of different speeds, in portrait and landscape, this is mainly to see the best speed for dark foreground and relatively bright or not-so-dark sky. The LCD is not a good tool to judge, so I decided to take several shots of different speeds. There had been a change in the WB too. Of course there were some editing for the RAW as well.


Going Crazy:

Well, it is not something new in fact (being a crazy already), but this time I've decided to take some extra mile. I've been fascinated, for a while, about the bathroom in my work place. Mainly, this is because of the checkered tiles (specially when the bathroom is cleaned and shiny!).

My Life!
It was indeed a challenge to have a panorama from that tiny place. The challenge was not only in the area (1x1 meter) that I have to work in, but also the fact that the shiny tiles can reflect my image in any direction. I thought, however, that it is best to work while keeping my body low. Another challenge was the timing to do this (and I surely needed more time than the regular panorama!).
For this panorama, I've decided to take some metering reading with my new light meter. Using the incident light method, I've started to point at my camera from different angles. I think I've made a mistake with this type of metering mainly because we have two light sources in the scene: the bathroom's light on top, and the outside light through the window. The difference between the two is great and the problems showed later on when merging into HDR and stitching the panorama together. It is one of the rare times when I try to work completely on (M)anual mode. I'm trying to adapt to this workflow slowly and to make my own decisions based on this method, because, simply, it gives complete control over the camera; provided that a good metering is done in the first place!


The first flat version of the panorama was done just to check the erratic zones in the panorama (beside the nadir point of course which passed through several adjustments). Because of the metering problem mentioned above, a big portion of the wall on the right was technically bleached out and without any texture and patterns. With some change in the blending priority in PTGui, the effect was reduced, but not completely removed. It is a mistake to learn from anyway, and I can say the challenge was passed successfully; that is to work in such a small place like this!

Hello World!

There were several stitches (and a tunnel view that went wrong), however, I think I'm satisfied so far with what I've done. I was thinking of doing a QTVR out of the flat version, but up till writing this post, I didn't feel like doing it. The nadir point here got an extra challenge added: not much place for a logo! However, you can see there is some dark patch on the ground after a hard work of cloning.

The titles are kind of sarcastic. Call it a reflection on my own life and how things are turning around for me. I'm truly living a mess, and it looks like swimming against the current trying to settle everything down. It is a phase in my life where I don't feel a thing in the world in fact; no politics, no bullshit, not even a care for other people's feelings. I simply want to leave everyone, 'cause I know no one cares already...

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